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Engaging Culture in Business Services

Engaging Culture is a factor determining a competitive advantage in BSS companies. To build such culture activities at several levels are needed: Conscious Leadership, Performance improvement engaging tools, Coherent management system, Development and maintenance system.

Overview of the best practices of building the engagement culture based on case studies in BSS.




Engaging Leadership


Engaged Employees


IT tool building individual and team engagement 


Engaging Culture

Business Challenges


Leaders derive from an expert role and have no sense of responsibility for engaging teams. 

Lack of skills to stimulate employees to develop, improve processes, demonstrate initiative and responsibility 

Inability to support employees in the process of change. 


Employees demonstrate relatively low engagement. 

Problems with communication both with customers and within the team. 

Low energy to develop, improve, take responsibility. The "from-to" attitude is dominating. 


Lack of process measurement.

Lack of visibility of improvement potential.

Lack of team working environment.

Unbalance workload.

Lack of ROI on improvements.


Lack of energy to change the status quo.

Business need to standardise processes and prepare for automation.

Lack of structured and sustainable approach to the continues improvement that results both in engagement and productivity increase.

Unused specialists potential - Me vs We culture.




Leadership role 

Effective and Engaging Meetings  

Comprehensive leadership

Engaging in change 

Energy management


Short workshops:

Cooperation and communication - Colors

Personal effectiveness 

Energy management

Self-management in the process of change


1 simple IT platform for all tasks and data.

1 simple IT tool to: Measure. Automate flow. 
ENGAGE. IMPROVE. Manage and Transform business service operations.


Positive Productivity® - 
Performance Management and Continuous Improvement System
designed for business service operations.

4 Gates, 3 Dimensions (Client, Employee and Business) and 7 habits for the teams. 

Variety of ways of implementation from the structured transition plan to the self implementation package.

More info www.4results.pl www.engage4results.pl www.HarmoDesk.com www.PositiveProductivity.eu









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